Easy Home Remedies Geared Towards Naturopathic Weight Loss

Weight loss is without a doubt a hotly debated topic, especially in a day and age when staying fit and in great shape is considered aesthetically important in many circles. Nonetheless, a majority of people are presently under the impression that relying on weight-loss supplements, rigorous dieting, strenuous exercises, and invasive surgery are the only ways to shed those excess pounds. However, the truth couldn’t have been any further from that. There exist natural recipes and remedies that can be geared towards a wholesome naturopathic fat shedding program. Here are the best three.

Cinnamon/Slimming Tea

According to leading nutritionists and weight loss experts, your blood sugar level has a significant and direct impact on your weight management balance. The reason here being; your blood sugar level affects how energetic and hungry you feel. This thus implies that you’re more likely to exercise or hit the gym if you feel pumped and energetic. On the hand, however, a disproportionate blood sugar level would trigger a large unhealthy appetite whose end results would be obesity and an unexplained weight gain in the long run. Fortunately, however, cinnamon has been proven to be quite beneficial in helping one manage their blood sugar levels. It can be prepared by straining ground cinnamon and whipping it with dairy and sugar accompanied by 8 ounces of water.

Ginger and Green Tea

The combination green tea and ginger has been used as a weight loss aid for centuries now. Recent studies now show that green tea consists of three main components mainly; caffeine, theanine, and weight-caffeine. While weight-caffeine acts as a boost to your overall body system ( to speed the process of weight loss ), catechins are considered active antioxidants flavonoids. And it is for this reason that green tea is seen as superior to black tea as far as healthy weight management is concerned. In fact, catechins can lower/inhibit the absorption rate of dietary lipids in the body substantially, consequently helping the fat burning process even further. The ginger in this concoction is added to aid digestion and solidify the gains made by the catechins from green tea.

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Rose Petal Water

The numerous benefits of rose petal water are enumerated by a collection of anecdotal nutritional evidence that suggests that it is a mild but dependable diuretic. In other words, the intake of rose petal flowers ( being a beneficial diuretic ) encourages the kidneys to draw out the excess salt in the body’s circulatory system. Consequently, to maintain a healthy water balance, the user is encouraged to take in more water to keep his/her body hydrated and flushed clean. From a long-term perspective, this aids significantly in shedding those excess pounds especially for people over 45 years.

Obesity is considered a lifestyle disorder not just because of the excess weight/fat but also because it makes one susceptible to a couple of avoidable healthy problems such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cardio illnesses, etc. As much as it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle to combat this problem, you can still incorporate the above naturopathic home remedies for a more wholesome, natural and all-around approach.